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Dale & Katt Hansen


It's been awhile since we've been in the public arena like this. As I write this, I ask myself what you would want to know and how I could go about presenting the information to keep your attention. Perhaps I should just jump in.


With Dale it meant a new job and moving to Colorado. Becoming more immersed in programming meant that there was less time for creative writing. All the same, he's managed to pen several short stories, edit with the OtherSheep imprint of Written World Communications, and take a hand in several magazine projects. 

Katt spent time as a virtual assistant to a well-known literary agent, which launched her beyond the land of 'writer' and straight into the publishing industry. This led to doing the same with an editor. Learning from both of these individuals helped to launch the publishing house, Written World Communications with Dale Hansen. Here she worked as editor, bookkeeper, designer, and herder of authors. In her spare time she did freelance work for several individuals.


The last two years involved stepping out of the public eye somewhat as Katt took care of her mother after a debilitating stroke. Since her mother passed away in 2015, Katt's life has undergone many changes - including marrying her business partner of many years and getting settled on a horse ranch in Colorado. From there we moved, horses and everything to California, where we spent three years building contacts and writing like crazy.


In 2019 the ranch moved to Illinois where the climate is better for the horses. With someone back at home to see to the livestock, we're freed up to spend a lot of our time on the road, going where the stories take us. Being near Chicago makes it easy to travel back and forth to L.A. as needed, or even to film on location. 

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